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We are a newly developed manufacturers representative firm that offers highly energy efficient HVAC and Power solutions to meet the needs of our customers. We go above and beyond the standards of the HVAC Industry.


What's important to us?

Dynamic Product Solutions (DPS) was founded on the basis of always putting our customers first and treating the people we work with right.  Our goal is to make the customer happy and look forward to working with our services and products.


Who are we?

DPS consists of six sales engineers at the moment.  Between the six of us, we have over 160 years of experience in serving our customers in the HVAC industry.

Specialists in:

-Custom Air Handling

-Humidification / Dehumidification

-Precision Cooling

-Critical Airflow Control

-Chilled & Induction Beams

-Fans / Blowers

-Heat Transfer


Dynamic Product Solutions First Annual Family Picnic!


 August 2019

Check out our team having a great time at the first DPS annual family picnic held on Canandaigua Lake. Good food & good friends!! 

New Precision Cooling and Computer Room AC Line

May 2019

  Dynamic Product Solutions is proud to announce effective immediately, we will be representing Data Aire, a specialized manufacturer of precision cooling equipment throughout Buffalo, Rochester & Syracuse NY Markets. 

Known for its consultative approach to customer relationships, Data Aire produces innovative environmental control solutions for today’s most critical places and spaces with industry leading, innovative technologies. Dynamic Product Solutions will now have access to advanced thermal management technology including notably quiet variable speed compressor cooling, linear electronic expansion valve refrigerant metering, variable speed EC fans and intuitive controls.

Building on more than 50 years of experience as a manufacturer, Data Aire combines extensive expertise in control logic with over 225,000 square feet of world-class manufacturing capability recognized by key international quality certifications. For those seeking reliable, scalable, customized technology, Data Aire can provide the solutions of choice. Data Aire precision air control equipment and intelligent energy management solutions serve customers worldwide in diverse applications ranging from edge computing and collocation data centers, to markets such as telecom, archives, government, agriculture, airports and higher education. Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information. 


New Indirect and Direct Fired MAU's and Heating and Ventilation Line

April 2019

Dynamic Product Solutions is pleased to announce a representative agreement with AboslutAire for Upstate New York.  AbsolutAire focuses on three markets: Direct Fired Make Up Air, Direct Fired Heating and Ventilation, and Indirect Fired Heating and Ventilation. Steam and Hot Water solutions are also available.  Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information.  


New Desiccant Dehumidifier Product

 November 2018

Dynamic Product Solutions is pleased to announce a representative agreement with Innovative Air Technologies for Upstate New York.  Innovative Air Technologies brings a full line of desiccant dehumidifiers ranging from 75 CFM to 30,000 CFM for all your dry air needs.  Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information. 


Contact Us

Sales Engineers


Mike DeGaetano

Office: (585)-623-8195

Cell: (585)-622-7898

Email: mdegaetano@dynamicproductsllc.com

Dan Connelly

Cell: (315)-342-4380

Email: dconnelly@dynamicproductsllc.com

Patrick Amedro

Cell: (315)-857-4212

Email: pamedro@dynamicproductsllc.com

Val Fenti

Cell: (585)-721-6611

Email: vfenti@dynamicproductsllc.com

Lundy Fenti

Office: (585)-623-8002

Cell: (585)-406-3749

Email: lfenti@dynamicproductsllc.com

Bob Frischmann

Office: (585)-623-8118

Cell: (585)-202-8943

Email: rcfrisch@frontiernet.net

Technical Support

 Jeff McComb

Cell: (315)-667-0125

Email: jmccomb@dynamicproductsllc.com

Questions? Shoot us a message

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We love our customers, so feel free to visit us or call any of our sales engineers!

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